Continuous loading at Brunswick Mining

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 930, 1989

Stephen B. Flewelling and J. Jerome MacDonald, Brunswick Mining & Smelting Corp. Ltd.

In the base metals industry of today, operations required to continuously improve productivity and reduce unit production costs. Consistent with these goals is the improvement of the muck haulage cycle from open stapes with the No. 12 Mine. Existing haulage from open slopes occurs with LHD units. Experience at Brunswick indicates that LHD units have a higher unit cost per tonne mucked than loader-truck combinations when the haulage exceeds approximately 150 m. The reintroduction of open sloping at Brunswick made existing loader-truck combinations unsuitable. It was recognized that application of recent continuous loading technology could potentially result in significant unit cost savings and productivity increases. A review of the technology resulted in the testing of the Voest-Alpine AL60 loader in the open slopes located on the 1000 m Level. Testing began in January 1988 and finished in late November 1988. The test will provide experience as well as quantified production and maintenenace parameters for the purpose of quantifying production unit costs and system productivity, ultimately resulting in a decision to further utilize or not utilize the loader as a primary mucking unit at Brunswick.
Keywords: Equipment, Continuous loading systems, Technology, AL60 loader, Underground mining