Continuous casting of steel

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 831, 1981

F. WEINBERG, University of British Columbia Vancouver, B.C.

The recent development of the continuous casting process for steel has required basic understanding in a number of areas in the metallurgcal sciences. In some areas, information is still lacking. The success of the application of basic knowledge and research to the process is evidenced by the fact that a large percentage of the steel now produced in the world is produced by continuous casting.A number of areas in which metallurgical science has contributed and is currently contributing to better design and control of the continuous casting process and leading to a better quality product will be considered. These include:(a) heat transfer studies of the entire casting process;(b) fluid flow in the tundish, strand and liquid metal stream;(c) solidification structure and segregation;(d) strength and ductility of steel at high temperatures related to bulging and cracking; and(e) problems related to horizontal casting developments.
Keywords: Technology, Metallurgical sciences, Casting, Continuous casting, Steel, Heat transfer, Fluid flow, Solidification, Strength, Ductility.