Continuing Education A Critical Question

CIM Bulletin, 1966

Dr. J. H. Brown Deon, Faculty of Applied Science, Queen's Univer

THE need for continuing education has been recognized only in fairly recent years as a major concern of the engineering profession. Formerly, it was acknowledged that engineers were required, at least informally, to follow the professional literature and to give some attention to new technical and technological developments. However, those relaxed days, when progress could be followed in a casual or incidental evening of reading, have disappeared in these days of mushrooming information. The engineer is now in the position of the man trying to control the flow from a fire hydrant with a child's pail. Our problem is that of developing an effective flow system - be it
Keywords: Challenges, Change, continuing education, fire hydrant, graduate school, Provincial Institute of Mining, Queen's University, Kingston, Education, Engineering, Engineers, Materials, mining, Systems, Universities