Concrete Construction Trends of the Future

CIM Bulletin, 1973

L. C. DeCORY, Vice-President, Canadian Operations, Portland Cement Association, Ottawa, Ontario

CONCRETE, of which portland cement forms a necessary and integral part, is the most versatile of building materials and is the common denominator for the building process. The use of concrete in North America, generally, is about one and a half short tons per person, per year. It is estimated that new construction, in which concrete will play a vital role, will exceed 3 trillion dollars within the next thirty years in North America. The raw materials for making cement and the aggregates that go into the making of concrete are essentially limitless. This, then, is an important longterm advantage of concrete, in addition to its relatively low cost, general availability, versatility and adaptability. Concrete, in its final form, can be molded to almost any shape or finish and the uses to which concrete can be put are limited only by the imagination of the designer.
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