Concentrator Operation at Brunswick Mining and Smelting Corporation's No._ 12 Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1971

G. W. NEUMANN, Mill Superintendent, J. R. SCHNARR, Assistant Mill Superintendent, Brunswick Mining and Smelting Corporation Limited, Bathurst, N.B.

The lead-zinc-copper-silver ores mined by Brunswick Mining and Smelting Corporation Limited at their No. 12 underground mine and No. 6 open-pit operation, and treated by distinct concentration processes in separate plants, present difficult metallurgical problems because of the extremely fine dissemination of the valuable minerals with pyrite and pyrrhotite. The problem of concentration is further complicated, in the No. 12 ore, by the presence of a varying content of graphitic carbon. This paper describes the milling of No. 12 ore and the production of copper, lead and zinc concentrates by differential flotation.
Keywords: Circuit, Circuits, flotation, galena, Gaspe Copper Mines Limited, Philips P.W., pyrite, zinc, Ore, Ores, zinc