Concentration of Tantalum .from the Bernie Lake Pegmatite Deposit, Manitoba

CIM Bulletin, 1968

D. RAICEVIC, Research Scientist, Ferrous Ores Section, Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Ont

Interest has recently been revived in the recovery of tantalum from the Bernie Lake pegmatite deposit. A gravity concentration process was developed to give satisfactory recovery and concentrate grade. The application of high-intensity magnetic separation was also studied. A pilot-plant investigation that confirmed the laboratory testing and provided a commercial-grade concentrate is described.
Keywords: Concentrate, Concentrates, magnetic separation, Microlite, Mineralogy of Bernie Lake Pegmatite, Spiral Concentration Recovers Tantalum, Tantalite Ore, Ore, Ores, Pegmatite, Pegmatites, Recovery, Roughers, Tantalum