Computer predictions of coal cleaning performance

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 804, 1979

BRIAN L BENINGER, Process Engineer, PAUL V. TUCKER, Process Engineer W. HAROLD LILLEKER, Process Design Manager, Coal Preparation Division, Simon-Carves of Canada Limited, Willowdale, Ontario

This paper discusses the application of the computer to coal preparation process predictions. In broad terms, the computer is used to perform two main functions. Firstly, the given float-sink analysis is interpolated and extrapolated to cover the entire actual range of raw coal specific gravity. Assumptions based on historical data must be made at times. Secondly, the partition curve, which, from historical data, defines the efficiency of a specific coal washing process, is applied to the washability data in order to determine the expected clean coal yield and quality. The vast amount of numerical work which is required to make a prediction of this type exhibits the need for computer methods in this area.
Keywords: Computers, Process control, Coal preparation, washing, Float-sink analysis, Ash data.