Completion Practices 1n Southwestern Manitoba

CIM Bulletin, 1953


MANITO BA'S first recoverable oil was from the California Standard Daly 15-18 well in Lsd. 15, Sec. 18, Twp. I0, Range 27, W.P.M., completed early in 1951. This well also gave the first indications of commercial production in the Williston basin, which is centred in North Dakota and extends into southeastern Saskatchewan and southwestern Manitoba. Subsequent drilling in the Manitoba portion of the basin has revealed the presence of oil in more or less commercial quantities at various points in an area approximately four townships in width and eleven townships in length.
Keywords: Acid, amatol, hydrochloric acid, limestone, nitroglycerine, permeability, Fluids, Fractures, Oil, Oils, Permeability, Production, Water, Waters, Wells