Compilation of geology theses, 1991-1993. Part IIG-H: Abstracts of selected theses at Canadian Earth Science Departments

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 88, No. 986, 1995

Wouter Bleeker, Geological Survey of Canada, and Isabelle Cadieux, Consulting Geologist

Abstracts of theses related to mineral deposit studies and exploration, completed at geology or earth science departments of Canadian universities, have been compiled for the period 1991 to mid-1993. Part I, presented in the June, 1994 issue of the CIMBulletin, gave a listing of thesis titles. Part II, which consists of edited abstracts of theses considered to be of direct application to mineral deposit studies and exploration, is presented under various themes as follows: A. Kimberlites, Other Alkaline Intrusions and Related Studies; B. Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits and Related Studies; C. Mineral Economics; D. Mesothermal Gold Deposits, Other Gold Deposits and Related Studies; E. Magmatic Nickel-Copper, Platinum Group Element, and Chro-mite Deposits and Miscellaneous Platinum Group-related Studies; F. Granite and Pegmatite-related Deposits and Porphyry Deposits; G. Diverse Hydrothermal Deposits, Sediment-hosted Copper Deposits and Mississippi Valley Type Lead-Zinc Deposits; and H. Uranium-related studies, Evaporites and Exploration Geophysics. Abstracts related to themes A to F were presented in previous issues of the CIM Bulletin, abstracts related to themes G and H are presented in this issue.
Keywords: Kimberlites, Alkaline Intrusions, Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits, Mesothermal Gold Deposits, Gold Deposits, Magmatic Nickel-Copper, Platinum, Chromite Deposits,Granite, Pegmatite, Porphyry, Diverse Hydrothermal Deposits, Sediment-hosted Copper Deposits, Mississippi Valley, Lead-Zinc Deposits, Uranium-related studies, Evaporites, Exploration Geophysics