Comparison of Flotation Column With Conventional Flotation for Concentration of a Molybdenum Ore

CIM Bulletin, 1972

G. I. MATHIEU, Research Scientist, Mineral Processing Division, Mines Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Canada

An experimental study was carried out to evaluate the performance of column flotation versus conventional flotation for the recovery of molybdenite from a Newfoundland ore. The objective was to verify the claims made by the inventors of the flotation column, Messrs. Pierre Boutin and Remi Tremblay, that their apparatus reduces the entrainment of fine gangue and other mineral impurities in the froth product. The research included a factorially designed series of tests to determine satisfactory operating conditions of t he column. These provided a basis for comparative flotation tests with column and Denver cells. In the course of the work, the action of a few depressants was studied. Results indicated greater selectivity in t he column and reduced reagent consumption.
Keywords: Column flotation, Concentrate, Depressant Silicate, galena, gangue, molybdenite, sphalerite, flotation, Molybdenite, Ore, Ores, test, Tests