Commuting To Work At The Mattabi Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 776, 1976

J. C. White, Manager, Gaspe Copper Mines, Limited, Murdochville, Quebec (at time of writing with Mattabi Mines Limited, Ignace, Ontario)

During the early development of the Mattabi Mine in 1970, discussions with the Ontario Government revealed their policy of prohibiting, as much as possible, the development of new, isolated, single-industry townsites. Subsequently, Mattabi located its first housing in the Township of Ignace, which is situated 50 miles from the site of the mine and plant. Over 200 employees now commute 100 miles daily to and from work. This paper describes the experience gained and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a remote townsite.
Keywords: Mattabi Mines Ltd., Commuting, Manpower, Transportation, Housing, Townsites, Turnover.