Common pitfalls which lead to high operating costs on mobile underground vehicles

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 859, 1983

RORY S. MCLAREN, Eimco Mining Machinery International

Cost per ton as it relates to mobile underground vehicle maintenance and repair is invariably astronomical. The reason: the mechanic replaced a ten micron filter with a 250 micron filter because it appeared to be physically identical; the purchasing agent bought "Brand X's" filter because it was 25% cheaper—the result, a filter life 30% less; the hydraulic pump was sent for repair at a cost of $2000.00 and failed shortly after installation; pumps are failing because there is no testing equipment available in the workshop. This paper will identify a number of the common pitfalls resulting in high costs, and offer solutions to bring these costs to within acceptable limits. The following key issues will be discussed: A. Genuine parts replacement versus "Brand X" B. Evaluating outside repair shops C. The influence of environmental conditions on optional equipment D. Personnel training E. Servicing and testing equipment
Keywords: Equipment, Maintenance, Mobile underground vehicles, Hydrostatic transmission, Safety, Disk brakes, Training