Cold Weather Problems in Belt Conveyor Design

CIM Bulletin, 1965

Zoltan F. Oszter Chief :Mechanical Engineer, Foundation at Canada Engineering Corporation Limited, Toronto, Ont.

As exploration for new mineral deposits advances farther into t he Canadian North, the more the design engineer is faced with the problems of cold weather conditions. This is especially true when designing belt conveyor systems for open-pit operations where the temperature in the winter may go to -40°F or below. Problems with the mechanical components and also with the belting will arise, which in turn may reduce the availability of the system. This paper outlines the problems encountered during cold weather operation and what precautionary measures must be taken into consideration in the design of equipment, as well as in the selection of materials, in order to ensure a system which will maintain production.
Keywords: conveyor system, greases, open-pit, operating temperature, pulleys, conveyors, Design, Materials, Operation, steel, Steels, Structure, Temperature