Coke Manufacture at Michel Colliery

CIM Bulletin, 1947

T. H. WilsoN; W. R. PRENTICE

IN 1901, the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, Limited, began producing industrial coke in 212 beehive ovens at Michel colliery. By 1908, 486 ovens had been installed and in that year 147,623 tons of coke were produced . Coke manufacture has been continuous from 1901 until the present time ( 1946) , with total production of 2,795,402 tons . At present writing, only 100 beehive ovens are operating and production is reduced to 1,800 tons per month, due to the shortage of suitable labour. These ovens are drawn by hand, on contract, and the workmen are exposed to considerable heat. A man draws three ovens in eight hours, thereby producing approximately 1072 tons of coke per day.