Coal Seams of the Estevan Area, Saskatchewan

CIM Bulletin, 1972

M. E. HOLTER, Industrial Minerals Geologist, Research Council of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Five main lignite seams occur in the Tertiary Ravenscrag Formation in the E'stevan area, at depths of 100 feet or less. They are named, in ascending order: the Boundary, Estevan, Souris, Roche Percee and Short Creek seams. A total sequence of approximately 250 feet is represented by the coal beds and interstratified clays, silts and sands. strata dip to the southeast at 25 feet per mile or less and strike northeast. Large areas underlain by coal seams at shallow depths are delineated. Reserve calculations are dependent on detailed information on seam thicknesses and feasible strip-mining depths. The stratigraphically higher seams are thinner on the average than lower seams and this, together with the increase in elastic size fractions in higher strata, suggests a retreat of a Tertiary marine margin to the south during the closing depositional history of coal seams and associated strata.
Keywords: Alberta, Coal, Coal seams, Lignite, lignite, Lower Estevan, Saskatchewan, Souris Coal Field, Souris River, Lignites, mining, Plants, Saskatchewan, Structure