Coal Research in Canada - 1967*

CIM Bulletin, 1968

N. BERKOWITZ, Head, Goal Research Division, Research Council of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta.

Developing markets for western metallurgical coal have continued to stimulate considerable exploration activity in the Rocky Mountain foothills and to influence major segments of a wide-ranging carbonization R&D program. Adjunct studies have included expanded petrographic investigations. Coal preparation has• been principally directed toward utilization of prepared small coal and was, like much of the year's combustion work, strongly influenced by concern over atmospheric pollution. Particular attention has been given to desulphurization and to the suppression of pollutants in combustion systems. ln the area of non-fuel utilization of coal, interest has centered on plant nutrients and on a series of coal-based carbons which, inter alia, possess utility as filtration media. Other projects included the development of improved sampling and analytical methods, investigations into the effect of storage on coal properties and R&D in solids pipelining. In addition, a significant volume of basic 'uncommitted' research has been maintained.
Keywords: Alberta, Canadian, Canadian, coal, Granular Cokes, University of Alberta, Western Canada, Carbon, Coal, Combustion, Fuel, Fuels, Investigations, Laboratory, Research