Coal Research in Canada-1965

CIM Bulletin, 1966

H. D. Smith Canadian Advisory Cammittee on Coal Research.

THE Canadian Advisory Committee on Coal Research, which is commonly known as CAC-CR, has been in existence for the past five years and has held annual meetings during that period. This Committee is comprised of representatives from: the Mines Branch, Fuels and Mining Practice Division, Ottawa; the Geological Survey of Canada; the Dominion Coal Board; and the Provincial Research Councils and Foundations. It embraces all coal research in Canada that is sponsored, for the most part, by Government funds. To bring the country's coal research activities to the notice of the Canadian coal industry, the Coal Research Committee of the Coal Division, C.I.M., passed a resolution at the 1964 business meeting in favour of recommending the publication of an annual research report prepared by the CAC-CR. The first such report was published in the September, 1964, issue of the C.I.M. Bulletin; the second appeared in the November, 1965, issue of the same publication.
Keywords: Alberta, Canadian, Canmore, Alberta, Dominion Coal Board, Geological Survey of Canada, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan Research Council, Coal, Coke, Cokes, Fuel, Fuels, Mines, Nova Scotia, Research