Coal Research I n Canada, 1966

CIM Bulletin, 1967

N. Berkowitz Head, Coal Research Division, Research Council of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta.

Far from being eclipsed by petroleum and natural gas, Canadian coal continues to command wide (and apparently growing) interest. Major R & D investigations are currently heavily oriented toward coal beneficiation (e.g., cleaning and utilization of fines) and toward a broad range of studies on metallurgical coals and cokes. However, active work is also being carried out in the areas of coal geology, mining, transportation and combustion; and, in some laboratories, increasing stress has been laid on developing a number of new, essentially non-fuel uses for coal and coal products. This review summarizes the work of Canadian coal research agencies during 1966 and indicates some of the more important advances made by them.
Keywords: Alberta, Alberta, Ardley Coal Zone, Canadian, Coke Petrography, University of Alberta, Canadian, Coal, Coke, Cokes, Fuel, Fuels, mining, Research