Coal Research and Development -1970 In Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1971

An unparalleled growth in the Canadian coal industry in 1970 coincided with increasing awareness by Canadians of their environment and their geography with its accompanying transportation factors. R and D on coal moved with greater emphasis toward solving problems in these areas as well as continuing with strong interest in coal preparation, carbonization, combustion, "weathering'', spontaneous ignition, storage, exploration and geology. Long-range "basic" research was not forgotten in that work continued on coal-based carbons, coal chemistry and agrobiological uses for coal. This paper reviews the status of these many areas of coal research at t he beginning of the seventies and takes note of some of the more significant legislation and projects brought to the author's attention. No attempt is made to itemize or to describe in detail all the worthwhile projects, many of which are reported elsewhere.
Keywords: Alberta, Alberta, Canadian Commercial Coals, lignite, Springhill Coal Mine Waste Bank, Western Canada, Canadian, Coal, Mine, Mines, mining, Research, Resources