Coal Processing At Fording Coal Limited

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 797, 1978

Al Gagnon, Development Engineer, Fording Coal Limited, Elkford, B.C.

Since start-up in 1972, many circuit problems have been encountered, most of which were related to the abundance of fines (-28 mesh), which the circuit had not been designed to treat. The major problems associated with the original circuit included excessive loss of magnetite, reduced throughput during periods of a high proportion of fine coal in the plant feed and low yield in the fine coal circuit.This paper outlines the coal processing circuit at Fording Coal Limited as it exists today, with emphasis on the changes to the original fine coal treatment circuit.
Keywords: Coal processing, Fording Coal Limited, Stacking, Reclaiming, Cyclones, Heavy-media cyclones, Dryers.