Coal Preparation Plant of Old Sydney Collieries, Limited, Sydney Mines, C. B.

CIM Bulletin, 1952


Until the last few years, the collieries of the Dominion Coal Company, Limited, while highly mechanized as to the cutting and transportation of the coal, still relied on the hand-loading of coal from the seam -0nto face convey-0rs. In these circumstances it was possible to assure that no large proportion of extraneous materials would be loaded with the coal, and the product could be quite well cleaned for the market by Screening and hand-picking. Within the past few years, however, the Company has introduced an intensive programme of mechanization which will result in the virtual elimination of hand-loading .of coal. It has been the experience of other producers that mechanical loading inevitably leads to a very large increase in the amount of impurities in the product. This is occasioned by the fact that, at least up to the present, all types of loading ma- . chines have relied on the being broken from the seam by undercutting and shooting. In this operation, a certain amount of roof and pavement material inevitably becomes mixed with the coal and, since selective loading is impossible with a loading machine, all this foreign material is loaded out with the product.
Keywords: belt conveyor, CLEAN COAL, COALT, plant, specific gravities, Coal, conveyors, Loading, Materials, mining, Operation, Plants, Screens