Coal mining in Poland: methods, production and development

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 807, 1979

ZYGMUNT WEGRZYK, Director for Research and Development, Main Office of Mining Investigations and Designs, Katowice, Poland

Poland is rich in hard and brown coal reserves, which have become the most important, and steadily developing, primary source of energy. With 192.6 mill, t of hard coal production and 40 mill, t of exports in 1978, Poland is fourth and second in the world respectively.The paper discusses the various mining methods adopted in the country's history of mining. Particular emphasis is placed on longwalls, their mechanization and equipment assembled in the form of fully mechanized face complexes suited for varied geological conditions. Measures to improve the recovery ratio of coal resources are dealt with. Investment efforts undertaken in the coal industry are outlined. An account is given of the ever improving techno-economic results of coal mining.The country also exports a wide range of mining equipment and transfers its well-founded technical know-how to others. There are strong cooperative links with many foreign partners.
Keywords: Coal mining, Poland, Mining methods, Longwall mining, Mechanization, Shield supports, Face conveyors, Shearer-loaders.