Coal in Western Canada and Its Uses

CIM Bulletin, 1958


WESTERN CAN ADA'S coal industry has experienced a serious set-back since 1949, following a pattern well known to its counterpart in the United States. The loss in coal markets in Western Canada has been particularly severe as the discovery of large reserves of oil and natural gas and the subsequent construction of refineries and pipelines roughly coincided with the dieselization of both main railways. While the coal industry will have to face a further decline in markets of long standing, others with a large growth potential can be secured if present marketing methods are changed where needed and if fundamental and applied research programmes are actively pursued. The energy and chemical potential of Western Canada's coals will eventually find their place in the ever-growing needs of industry and electric power producers.
Keywords: Canada, coal, lignite, natural gas, Western Canada, Coal, Cost, Costs, Fuel, Fuels, Markets, Natural gas, Plants, Reserves, Western Canada