Coal Gasification For Industrial Use and Power

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 794, 1978

R. D. Merer and C. E. Wood, INTEG Intercontinental Engineering Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

The production of low- and medium-Btu gas from coal provides a more economic source of energy for most industrial users than pipeline-quality coal gas (SNG), although the latter has received more publicity. The paper reviews existing and advanced methods of coal gasification, with particular emphasis on the production of low- and medium-Btu gas for industrial and utility use. Some of the ways in which coal gasification can be integrated into power cycles and industrial plant energy balances are discussed.
Keywords: Coal gasification, Gasification, Synthetic gas, Tri-generation concept, Lurgi gasifier, Fluidized-bed gasifier, Kop-pers-Totzek gasifier.