Coal gasification and liquefaction

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 825, 1981

T.D. BROWN, Manager, Coal Resource and Processing Laboratory, Energy Research Laboratories, CANMET, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, Ottawa

A review of the current status of gasification technology shows that many engineering systems are immediately available for use in the gasification of coal. Widespread international experience can be brought to bear on the atmospheric pressure gasification of all Canadian coals.Unless a high ash content dictates the use of a fluid-bed gasifier, it appears that bituminous coals can be used in gravitating (fixed) bed systems and that the strongly caking coals are most suited to the high-pressure entrained-bed systems. Existing and developing technologies in fluid-bed gasification are attractive for reactive lignites and sub-bituminous coals.The Fischer-Tropsch based process is the only commercial embodiment of coal liquefaction; the use of Canadian coals in this process depends only on their gasification characteristics. Current developments in hydroliquefaction are directed toward carboniferous coals of medium or high rank. It is not clear that cretaceous coals of the same rank will give similar process yields and economics.
Keywords: Coal gasification, Coal liquefaction, Fluid-bed gasification, Hydroliquefaction, Gasifiers, Wellman-Galusha gasifier, Lurgi gasifier, Koppers-Totzek gasifier, Shell-Koppers gasifier, Winkler gasifier, Conoco process, Saarberg-Otto gasifier, Sasol process, SRC process, H-Coal process, Exxon process.