Coal-fired powerplants

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 815, 1980

D.R. WRIGHT, Thermal Engineering Department, British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, Vancouver, B.C.

The modest thermal efficiency of the steam turbine cycle essentially determines the heat required and, therefore, the coal consumption and ash production of pulverized-coal-fired powerplants.This paper emphasizes how some properties of coal and its ash can crucially affect the operation of a steam generator and its flue gas cleaning equipment.A brief reference to some siting factors and economics reaffirms the all-pervasive influence of the properties of coal and ash and establishes the importance of a firm supply of cooling water. The economics of scale remains a compelling factor in selecting the size of units, despite disappointing performances by some of the larger units. Environmental considerations suggest that smaller units still have a role to play.
Keywords: Coal, Energy resources, Powerplants, Steam generators, Ash, Stack emissions, Filters, Precipitators, Scrubbers, Sulphur dioxides, Desulphurization, Nitrogen oxides, Pulverizers, Lignite, Thermal efficiency, Environmental control, Cooling water.