Coal conversion research

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 826, 1981

M.P. du PLESSIS, Head, Coal Research Department, Alberta Research Council, Edmonton, Alberta

The paper discusses coal research in relation to the special needs of Western Canada, with its large resources of lignite and subbituminous coals. Research programs are presented under the following headings: Coal Liquefaction, Pyrolysis, Fluidized-Bed Technology, Underground Coal Gasification and Supporting Investigations. Typical processes are presented and their relevance to Canadian coals is described. The long-term plan of the Alberta Research Council for coal research and the steps taken for its implementation are discussed. Finally, some innovative concepts arising from basic research in coal chemistry are discussed.
Keywords: Coal conversion, Western Canada, Lignite, Sub-bituminous coal, Coal liquefaction, Pyrolysis, Fluidized beds, Coal gasification, Hydroliquefaction, Fuels.