Coal 2000: Nova Scotia's perspective

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 843, 1982

JOHN J. LAFFIN Deputy Minister, Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy Halifax, Nova Scotia

Throughout the history of Nova Scotia, trends in the production and use of its coal resources have resulted in major impacts on the economy and society of the province. Current trends in coal demand locally, nationally and internationally are having and will have an increasing positive effect on Nova Scotia over the next twenty years—in terms of energy supply, job creation and general economic development. Coal for electrical generation is an immediate and key objective of Nova Scotia's energy plan; and, in the long term, coal-derived fuels will meet the province's needs for transportation fuels. Demand for metallurgical coal is also expected to increase, especially if the merchant coke plant currently under investigation becomes a reality.Meeting these coal supply and utilization objectives in the face of increasing environmental, social and economic constraints poses a tremendous technical challenge. Work has begun on projects to expand coal production capacity and to adapt new technologies for coal preparation and utilization to the specific needs of Nova Scotia; much more work will be required in the coming decade in order to succesfully tap this resource.
Keywords: Coal, Nova Scotia, Metallurgical coal, Electrical generation, Energy resources, Cape Breton Development Corporation, Novaco.