Cleaning Fine Coal in a 3-Stage Water Cyclone Circuit

CIM Bulletin, 1961

The water cycl0ne washer has a number of advantages that makes it a desirable machine for the cleaning of fine-grained and friable materials such as 1,4 x 0" slack coals. In this paper results are presented of tests carried out on a shaly coal containing a high percentage of intergrown materials from the Minto area, New Brunswick. The tests were conducted in the pilot plant of the Western Regional Laboratory in Edmonton. The test results show that the cleaning characteristics of this coal can be improved by lightly grinding the recirculating middlings fraction, which constitutes approximately 30 per cent ( 1.45-2.00 fraction) of the raw feed. The cleaning of 1;4 x 0" fines by water cyclones compares favourably with other coal cleaning machines and has an added advantage of being extremely simple to operate, low in capital and operating cost, and high in capacity.
Keywords: Ash, Clean coal, CLEAN COAL, Coal Research Conference, open circuit, raw feed, specific gravity, Coal, cyclones, Materials, test, Tests, Water, Waters