CIM Journal Vol. 10 No. 4

The CIM Journal is a quarterly digital publication for peer-reviewed technical papers. Papers cover all facets of the mining and minerals industry, including geology, mining, processing, maintenance, environmental protection and reclamation, mineral economics and project management. CIM Journal publishes papers in either English or French, with abstracts provided in both languages.

CIM Journal, Vol. 10, No. 4, 2019



Breaking down energy consumption in industrial grinding mills
J. Bouchard, G. LeBlanc, M. Levesque, P. Radziszewski, and D. Georges-Filteau

Hydraulic excavator versus electric rope shovel performance
R. Andreev, T. G. Joseph, J. Sammut, and M. Curley

Performance prediction of a full-size rapid dampening suspension in an ultra-class hauler application
R. K. Soni, T. G. Joseph, and M. Curley

Is bigger still better? Considerations in increasing the size of haulage equipment
M. Dotto, T. G. Joseph, and M. Curley

Impact of operating conditions on emissions from mine haul trucks operating in the oil sands region of Alberta, Canada
R. J. Schafer-Frentz, T. G. Joseph, and M. Curley

Material handling and flowsheet selection considerations for particle-based ore sorting
B. Foggiatto, J. T. Ross, T. Donkin, B. Patterson, M. I. Guthrie, and G. Lane