Chemical Metallurgical Plant Maintenance at Sherritt Cordon Mines, Fort Saskatchewan

CIM Bulletin, 1964

C.R. Crook Maintenance Engineer, Chemical Metallurgical .Division, Sherritt Gordon Mines 'Limited, Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.

. A brief outline of production methods and processes is given to show how maintenance fits into the picture at this plant. The work force, and the tools needed to carry out this function, are then described. Preventive maintenance practices, scheduled annual shutdowns and routine check-downs are explained, especially as related to planning and to the materials and labour involved for a minimum downtime. A brief explanation of the materials, supplies and spare parts program, as well as the part played by the Stores Department in conjunction with the Maintenance Department, is given. Cost control and equipment expenditure indicators are explained. Some specific examples of maintenance jobs are described in order to show the flexibility of the program.
Keywords: Ammonia, Ammonia, ammonium sulphate, carbon monoxide, Gordon Nickel, preventive maintenance, Equipment, Maintenance, metals, Plants, Process, Processes, Production