Chemcell Petrochemical Operations at Edmonton

CIM Bulletin, 1962


The construction of refineries and gas conservation plants in the general Edmonton area in the early 1950's made available large quantities of by-product liquified petroleum gases (LPG). These gases, together with discovery of increasing reserves of natural gas in the Edmonton area, provided Canadian Chemical Company with two of the necessities for petrochemical production, namely, available and reasonably priced raw materials and fuel. This paper outlines the development of the $83 million Edmonton plant from its origin, together with a brief description of the processes and some of the interesting features involved. Several economic aspects of the petrochemical industry are highlighted including its importance to the local community and the province. The paper reviews the relationship between the oil and gas industry and petrochemical manufacturing and indicates some of the factors that may affect the future growth of the petrochemical industry in Wes tern Canada
Keywords: cellulose acetate, Edmonton, hydrocarbon, petrochemical, Western Canada, Chemicals, Fuel, Fuels, Hydrocarbons, Oil, Oils, Operation, oxidation, Plants, Production