Chappelle Gold-Silver Deposit, British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 790, 1978

D. A. Barr, Vice-President, Du Pont of Canada Exploration Limited, Vancouver, B.C.

High-grade gold-silver mineralization associated with electric and argentite was discovered in a quartz vein at the Chappelle property, 273 km north of Smithers, B.C., in 1969 following a regional geochemical reconnaissance program in the Cassiar-Omineca Mountains. Subsequent exploration resulted in the discovery of numerous quartz veins with associated precious-metal values in a belt 17 by 3 km in area centrally located within Toodoggone Group volcanic and sedimentary rocks of Lower to Middle Jurassic age and a window of Takla Group volcanic rocks of Upper Triassic age. More detailed investigations, consisting principally of 5677 m of surface drilling in 57 holes and crosscutting, drifting and raising on Chapelle Vein A, has outlined a high-grade gold-silver-bearing shoot with a strike length of 200 m, an average width of about 3 m and extending to an average depth of about 40 m below surface.
Keywords: Chappelle deposit, Gold deposits, Silver deposits, Geology, Exploration, Geochemical exploration, Geophysical exploration, Mineralization, Ore genesis.