Challenges and Success factors when Deploying Tablet and IoT Based Fleet Management Systems and Digital Forms


Sean Dessureault, MST Global

Tablet and Internet of Things (IoT) based fleet management and digital form systems are now available and are beginning to be deployed at operations that could not afford traditional FMS.  A series of case studies that identify the challenges and success factors in deployments of such technology is presented as a roadmap to help companies learn how to avoid the pitfalls and leverage the advantages these new technologies bring to operations of all sizes. For example, a key challenge is both an advantage and tempting weakness: the flexibility of such systems and the ease of updating apps, where scope creep during deployments to add new features or more complex configurations and then redeploy within days rather than months or years as is done in more traditional technologies.   Another key challenge is again both a benefit and challenge: the sudden availability of data, and the need to deliver the data to users within complex security topologies which often result in the inability to access the information, or the analysis paralysis that ensues when presented with more data than has ever been available before.   Specific examples of real deployments will be provided focusing primarily on an underground metal mine in Missouri.
Keywords: IoT, Gamification, Fleet Management Systems