Challenges and Solutions for Base Load Power Supply to Mining Operations in Yukon


Mr Cameron Brown

Mining operations in the Canadian North are uniquely challenged by access to the electrical grid and sufficient base load to sustain high power demands required for consistent milling. Historically, Yukon off-grid power is achieved by diesel power systems. However, alternatives to diesel are becoming more and more preferred by stakeholders and shareholders. Liquefied natural gas is a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to diesel use in the Yukon that is readily accessed from northern British Columbia. The Casino Mine Project is a 55+ year project that can change the remote power supply chain in Yukon. By establishing an LNG supply chain in Yukon, the Casino Mine can shift the Yukon’s reliance on diesel, while setting up the territory to evaluate options to shift to a low carbon future that does not prohibit industrial development or place undue cost on citizens of the North.