Cemented Sand Fill at lnco

CIM Bulletin, 1966

J. McCreedy Manager of Mines, Ontario Division R; J. Hall Assistant Chief Mines Engineer The International Nickel Co. of Canada, Ltd., Sudbury, Ont.

The addition of Portland cement to hydraulic sand fill has resulted in the production of stable and self-supporting cemented sand fill. The use of cemented fill in the mines of The International Nickel Company has resulted in substantial economies in timber requirements, decreased dilution of ore and greater flexibility in mining methods. Coupled with special mining techniques, it has permitted mining by both cut-and-fill and shrinkage stoping methods to much greater depths than heretofore. The use of cemented sand fill has permitted revisions to undercut- and-fill mining which have significantly improved the efficiency of this method. Automated mixing systems have been developed for preparing cemented sand fill in surface sand plants on a continuous throughput basis. Control of cement-santl mixtures is obtained by the use of a mass flow measuring system and weighing cement feeders.
Keywords: Cement, hydraulic fill, mining, Portland cement, sand, stopes, Mine, Mines, mining, Sand, stope, stopes, test