CATV for underground radio communications

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 849, 1983

PETER BABIK Chief Engineer, and ROY JONES, Manager, Eastern Canada, International Aeradio (North American) Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Cable TV networks are extensively used throughout Canada for TV signal distribution. Mobile/portable radio communications are also used extensively throughout all sectors of industry. There are numerous manufacturer supplying these industries with a wide variety of equipment and accessories. IAL 's underground radio communications system combines the techniques of cable TV and mobile radio to produce a flexible communications system with most of the advantages of both systems. Standard off-the-shelf mobile, portable, base-station and repeater equipment can be used. The equipment may need modification to be customized to particular end user requirements, but does not require a complete new unit redesign. Likewise, the cable TV distribution equipment is off-the-shelf, with some items requiring modification for underground system application. Radio communications can be provided wherever the cable system is extended. Where traffic or type of activity warrants it, multiple radio channels can be provided on the same cable. Certain radio channels could also be used with data channels for control or supervision of remote equipment or environmental conditions. In addition, the same cable can be used to distribute or monitor signals from remote TV cameras in selected or dangerous areas. The system can be interfaced to a telephone system, if required, to provide extended communications to above-ground workshops, offices, medical stations or even hospitals and other emergency services.