Cationic Flotation of Silica from Algoma Siderite

CIM Bulletin, 1963

This paper describes the results of a laboratory study on the upgrading of Algoma siderite by the amine flotation of silica and silicate gangue. The experiments indicate that a virtually complete removal of silica is possible in a rougher flotation conducted in tap water at natural pH, without prior desliming of the ore. Grinding considerably finer than the apparent liberation size is essential for maximum silica rejection. A cationic collector, Aeromine 3037, gave best results when used in combination with a modifier. Of the several modifiers tested, a Dutch potato dextrin, Dextrin 4356, was found to be the most effective. Both iron recovery and the grade of the final iron product are enhanced by floating the pyrite contained in the ore prior to the amine flotation of the silica, and by scalping the magnetics from the silica concentrate.
Keywords: Algoma siderite, Amine Dextrin, quartz, Silica Iron, Start of Amine Float Recovery, amine, flotation, Grinding, Iron, Ore, Ores, Silica