Case study: Using Polymer Ducting for Face Ventilation of Coal Mines


Michael Schulte, ABC Ventilation Systems; Bryon Cerklefskie, Turnstone Industrial Solutions

This case study explores the usage of polymer ducting as a replacement to curtains and FRP for face ventilation in two coal mines. There are two mines looked at, Mine A is the highest elevation underground coal mine in North America, Mine B is the gassiest mine in North America. The paper details the trials of both mines switching from FRP and curtain respectively to polymer ducting. The results discuss the ability for the mines to not only achieve consistent airflows and keep them in compliance but the unexpected positives. Mine A was allowed to do longer cross cuts due to more airflow from the face. This drastically cut their costs of mining down due solely to ventilation. Mine B saw economic benefits due to longer cuts between place changes. Both mines have documented lower dust, methane, noise, and improved wear and tear on their equipment as a result. In both cases the mines found an energy savings as the auxiliary fans were running at a much lower amp draw than previous.