Case study of a hoisting facility upgrading

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 84, No. 954, 1991

D.C. Brady, J.S. Redpath Mining Consultants Ltd., North Bay, Ontario

Within six months from award of a project management contract, Les Mines Dumagami Limitee, Cadillac, Quebec, was operating its new hoisting facility. This was accomplished with less than a six-week shutdown of mine production while still maintaining shaft access for underground maintenance. The work involved installing a refurbished 13.5 ft diameter double drum hoist, replacing a timber headframe with a new steel headframe, increasing the ore bin capacity from 500 tons to 1000 tons, constructing a new substation, and upgrading related facilities. This paper describes the work and methods used by various contractors, Les Mines Dumagami Limitee and J.S. Redpath Mining Consultants Limited to bring this project to a successful completion. It discusses the history of the project from proposal stage through to the design, procurement, scheduling, and construction management. The paper also comments on problems that were encountered and the methods used to overcome them.
Keywords: Maintenance, Equipment, Hoisting facilities.