Cardium Formation of the Foothills of Northeastern British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, 1955


The Cardium formation of northeastern British Columbia contains an erosional unconformity that :becomes progressively more severe northward until, at Liard river, the stratigraphic hiatus eliminates the underlying Lower Cardium sandstone, the Kaskapau formation, and the upper Dunvegan sandstones. The area of unconformity roughly coincides with the distribution of the continental facies of the earlier Dunvegan formation. Along Wapiti river, the zone fossil Scaphites ventricosus Meek and Hayden is found in the Badheart member of the overlying Wapiabi shale; Scaphites :preventricosui. Cobban marks the base of the Wapiabi shale; Scaphites cf. corvensis Cobban is found in the middle shale member of the Cardium formation. The log of the Red-Willow No. 1 well shows close similarity to outcrop sections south of Wapiti river. The Cardium formation is mainly late Turonian in age. Two other preCardium Turonian sands of northeastern British Columbia are named the Wartenbe and Tuskoola sands.
Keywords: Alberta, British Columbia, British Columbia, Cadomin, Alberta, shales, Sunset Sandstone, unconformity, Conglomerate, Conglomerates, formation, North, Sand, Sandstone, Shale, Shales