CANMET'S thermodynamic ventilation network program

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 848, 1982

A.E. HALL and M.A. STOAKES, Assistant Professor and Research Assistant, Department of Mining and Mineral Process Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., M.K. GANGAL, Research Scientist, Elliot Lake Laboratory, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, Elliot Lake, Ontario

The major features of the CANMET thermodynamic mine ventilation network program, developed by the Mining and Mineral Process Engineering Department of the University of British Columbia for the Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology (CANMET), are described. The program is designed for use by deep Canadian mines in planning ventilation flows where the effects of auto-compression of air, moisture liftwork and natural ventilation are significant. Routines to simulate stalled fans and give an optional cost printout have been included in the program. A supplementary plotting program used to simplify data interpretation is also described. The program is described with a test data example of a deep mine. It is a valuable analytical tool which can assist ventilation engineers to simulate many alternative ventilation strategies at a low cost in a very short time.
Keywords: Computer control, Ventilation, Thermodynamic ventilation, Underground mining, Network analysis, Fans, Air flow.