CanadiaQ. . Markets for Natural Gas

CIM Bulletin, 1955

I HAVE BEEN looking forward to addressing this particular audience about Trans-Canada Pipe Lines because you men, more than most, understand the problems of the pioneer. Trans-Canada Pipe Lines qualifies as a pioneer on two counts: it is certainly pioneering a completely new industry in Canada - the long-distance transmission of natural gas - and it has at least a few of the that are expected and normal to any pioneering venture. :This morning, Tm going to try to give you a sketchy picture of our project and a brief report on its current status and our progress to date; and th en a broad picture cf Canadian markets for natural gas. The physical characteristics of the Trans-Canada P'ipe Lines project have been discussed so often that I am not going to take the time today to quote a lot of statistics on pipe sizes, miles, tons of steel, etc. Suffice it to say that this project, estimated to cost approximately $350,- 000,000, will be the longest largediameter gas pipe-line ever built anywhere.
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