Canadian Minerals for Refractories

CIM Bulletin, 1973

M. PALFREYMAN, Research Scientist, Ceramic Section, Mineral Processing Division, Mines Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa. Canada

Most of the minerals employed in Canadian refractory production are imported; in fact, most of the refractories consumed in Canada are imported. Whereas this situation is partly due to a definite shortage of suitable raw materials, e.g., fire clays, it is possible that t he potential of certain mineral deposits which could be usefully exploited has not been recognized. There are exceptions, notably magnesite and dolomite, from which refractories are produced in Canada. In many cases, known mineral deposits are located either in inaccessible areas or in areas where transportation would be a major economic factor. This paper lists some minerals and their respective known deposits which could be employed in the production of refractories, irrespective of economics.
Keywords: Clay, Clays, Collings, The Canadian Silica Industry, Dolomites of, Kyanite Kyanite, North American Refractories,, Ontario Magnesite Concentrate, Deposits, Materials, mineral, minerals, Refractories, refractory