Canadian Minerals - A New Dimension In World Trade

CIM Bulletin, 1966

Jean-Paul Drolet Assistant Deputy Minister (Mi nes), Dept. aT Mines & Technical Surveys, -Ottawa, Ont.

This paper charts, briefly, the salient facts of international trade in minerals and their products and Canada's place in it. It also reviews international agreements, economic groupings and national measures to channel and regulate production and trade in minerals. Canada's mineral industry now produces raw materials worth $3.7 billion per year, making this country a giant among mineral producers. Two-thirds of this production is exported, chiefly to the United States, accounting for about 30 per cent of Canada's merchandise exports and topping all other classes.
Keywords: Canada, Canada, Canadian, Mineral Resources Division., UN Tungsten Committee, Zinc Study Group, Canadian, Exports, Markets, mineral, minerals, Production, Tariffs, Trade