Canada's Role tn the Atomic Age

CIM Bulletin, 1958

MR. CHAIRMAN, Members of the C.I.M., and Friends particularly friends, because I am not entirely a stranger in your city. I was last here some five years ago and it has given me a great deal of pleasure this evening to be able to say "Hello" again to those I had met at that time, when Bourlamaque and Val d'Or were very busy centres of intensive and successful gold exploration. My remarks this evening have to .do with Canada's Place in the Atomic Age. They will be of a general nature but I hope to tell you enough to whet your appetite so that you may be provoked into per. suing the subject further. Now, atomic developments have become quite commonplace. Words like radioactivity, reactors, nuclear fission, and so on are known to everyone, even the youngsters. I remember two or three years ago one of my office boys came to me and said "Mr. Joubin, I would like a raise." I gave the request a few seconds of serious thought and finally said "Alright, Jimmy, we'll give you a raise." However, he made no effort to leave, so after a couple of seconds more I said, "Is there something else?" and he said "Yes, Mr. Joubin, could you make that raise radioactive to the first of the year?"
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