Canada's Newest Asbestos Producer- Advocate Mines limited

CIM Bulletin, 1965

J.R.M. Hutcheson Division Production Engineer, Canadian Johns-Manville Co. Ltd., Asbestos, Quebec

Advocate Mines Limited came into initial production on June 30, 1963, with an annual capacity in excess of 60,000 tons of high-quality chrysotile asbestos fibres, thus strengthening Canada's position in world production. The history of this development is traced from discovery through initial exploration, financing, orebody delineation and evaluation, pilot-plant production and product evaluation, construction of the plant, construction of deepsea shipping facilities, provision for a closed shipping season, and provision for the remoteness and for the lack of services, through to realization of full production capacity. The many unique aspects of the project are given special attention, particularly in the light of the first year of full-capacity operation
Keywords: Asbestos, Quebec, Baie Verte, Canadian Johns-Manville Company Limited, ore, Mill, Mills, Mine, Ore, Ores, Plants, Production, Storage