Canada 's Petroleum lndustry

CIM Bulletin, 1952


WE HAVE patterned our lives on the things we take from under the earth's surface. Our civilization is built upon the Ore from which we obtain our metals ,and the fuels which power the world as we know it. Today I should like to discuss with you a newcomer to the ancient mining industry. This lusty infant of which I speak is just a century Old - ,the oil industry. While one doesn't commonly think of oil men as delvers in the earth, 1t was by sinking a shaft that the first oil was obtained commercially in Canada. Men sank a shaft in ~ 'gum bed' in southwestern Ontario's Lambton county, not far from Petrolia, and distilled from the gum a burning oil That was just a hundred years ago. The gum was originally Iiquid petroleum which had seeped to the surface and lost most of its volatile components.
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