Canada-Japan Resource Trade In An International Perspective

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 799, 1978

T. Iwasaki, Consulting Economist, Toronto, Ontario

This paper points out two key elements in resource trade in general and the Canada-Japan relationship in particular. The first is that the advanced countries have a more important role than one would expect in the supply of resources in world trade. Canada's dual role as a major resource supplier in conjunction with an advanced economy will continue to increase. The second point is the heavy reliance on foreign resource supplies in some advanced economies, particularly in Japan. Finally, as regard the future of the Canada-Japan economic relationship, particularly in resource development, it is suggested that trade could be enhanced by an accelerated exchange of various types of resources between the two countries. These include natural resource commodities as well as the more abstract capital, technological and human resources.
Keywords: Mineral economics, Trade, Resource trade, Japan, Markets, Energy, Economy.