Calibration of gamma logs for equivalent uranium grade determination, Fond-du-Lac deposit

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 852, 1983

J.H. AHRENS, Senior Consultant, Mining and Metallurgy Division, SNC Inc. Montreal, Quebec, D.M. WARD, Senior Staff Geologist, Eldorado Nuclear Limited, Ottawa, Ontario

The Fond-du-Lac uranium deposit was delineated primarily by percussion drilling and a small program of diamond drilling. Drillcore samples from three diamond drill holes as well as digitized gamma logs from percussion and diamond drill holes were utilized to define and implement an algorithm for the conversion of gamma-log data to equivalent-grade data. The procedures and detailed analysis for the provision of assay data for uranium reserve estimation are documented.
Keywords: Mineral exploration, Fond-du-Lac deposit, Uranium deposit, Diamond drilling, Percussion drilling, Gamma logs, Eldorado Nuclear Ltd., Famok Limited.